Gabriella Cohen

Gabriella Cohen

Oh I do believe
You are what you perceive
What comes is better than what came before

Lou Reed (Velvet Underground 1969)

Gabriella Cohen’s underground ethereality and infectious sound of the essentially garage rock are an infiltration of her understated charge of individuality. Gabriella gracefully crafts the music from ambient refrains of the reverb soaked guitars, keyboard leads, gospel tones, slowly building to transform into dark stirring brutal ode’s to life and all its peaks and troughs.

Maturity beyond her years and with her middle finger raised to conformity, Gabriella Cohen weaves a fragile, gently soundscape transforming into a vigorous force to be reckoned with. Slacker insights and a band with raw, tight abandonment for pigeon holing, deliver heartbreak and reckless emotive tales of experiences.

Gabriella has so far journeyed on as an artist. Word on the street from her hometown of Brisbane was she played a wild showcase gig at Big Sound 2016. Get front and Centre for Gabriella Cohen at BMF 2017.

This is what separates Cohen from her peers because she is on a quest to deliver more than just pop music.
Heavy and Weird 2016