They’re hard, they’re dumb, they’re fast – but are you ready?

Rick ‘Pony Club‘ Audsley (lead guitar), Mick ‘Two Fingers‘ Simpson (vocals/guitar), Adrian ‘The Father‘ Cummings (bass) and Liam ‘Sticky Wicket‘ Cuffley (drums) are Grindhouse!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls – start your engines (preferably an SLR 5000) get outta the races, onto the racetrack and head towards the chequered flag with no brakes and ya foot fully to the floor with Grindhouse behind the wheel steering the whole “she-bang”!

Grindhouse will have you in need of a good strong beverage (matter of fact – I need one right now!) as you go full tilt into the Riff-o-Rama assault of these four punksters who, underneath the irreverent larrikiness, concoct walls of sound that smash you in the face and create an ear to ear smile, makin’ the thirst grow, the hips shake and the party startin’!

The band headed over to the states this year to record their latest Album ‘Crazy Pussy’ released through Brisbane label Conquest of Noise. Produced and recorded by Steven McDonald (Red Kross / OFF! / Melvins) over three days in LA, the twelve tracks of Reservoir Punk Rock action hit ya in all the right places so that ya feel the rush of high octane Garage Proto Punk Rock Sound.

Grindhouse make the Bathurst 1000 look like a sideshow carnival dodgy overpriced ride! Four piece sexiness in tight white overalls and they’re are comin’ to BMF 2017.