Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findlay from the tiny rural Victorian town of Darrawiet Guim – Stonefield – we are mightily pleased (and bloody well chuffed) headline our 4th Beechworth Music Festival! This earthen psych-rock opal started in the garage on the folks property and have burnt a vapour trail of psych-prog formula taking off to beyond and who knows where!
The band have stated that “As Above, So Below” is the record that they felt they needed to make in a fulfilling vision they’ve proven to the world that they are the force to be reckoned with – Music Feeds – Their new album ‘As Above, So Below‘ is pure gold.

This sibling quartet surpasses all the preconceived notions of winning accolades at early age and this being burdened by the lofty expectations weighted upon their young shoulders to traverse and map out an epic sonic terrain that the sisters effortlessly traverse.

Tinges of all the realms and influences cohesively aggregate to infuse a ridiculously mature edge to the sound of Stonefield. Heavy walls of rock bristle amongst kaleidoscope riffs and swirling melodies, fuzzed out vintage synths and soulful vocals in soaring glory. Stonefield show restraint in their musicality and this translates to a tension that at times is exhilarating and hypnotic in equal measures.

The no rules/no boundaries formula that the band subscribe to allow a powerful feminine touch to their sound making a potent heavy brew! Stonefield have played Glastonbury (to rave reviews) and in 2017 take to the outdoor stage at Madman’s Gully Amphitheatre for Beechworth Music Festival – all the team and all the supporters are truly honoured to present Stonefield as the headline act for BMF 2017!

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!