Music is a central point to any vibrant culture and in the N/E of Victoria and surrounding regions the calibre of musicians and artists is astounding. A key ‘Ideal’ of the Beechworth Music Festival and our associated events is to provide local and regional artists and upcoming young artists with a new opportunity to perform and promote their music.

Playing alongside a diverse range of established national acts and artists, these local muso’s help create the uniquely curated Beechworth Music Festival, friendly to all. Playing in a live context on stage at BMF allows regional artists to further sharpen their entry point into the cultural fabric of the North East and become part of the backbone of the local and broader music industry and community.

These musicians and artists are unique and truly talented craftspeople who devote themselves entirely to the making of music and culture in an organic, inclusive manner and the organisers of BMF are extremely excited and proud to present these great acts on the line up for BMF each year.

Alongside these artists we provide an opportunity for local and regional community organisations and businesses to build their capacity as they participate, provide services and share in the long term benefits this new festival brings.

Of the many ways to define culture, music is the one that provides a platform for people to build and participate in their community, enhancing their local and regional culture.