Black Magic triumphantly return to BMF 2019. Most of the town hassled us constantly in day to day life imploring us to bring back BM! We listened (had no choice to be honest) and Black Magic are going to stir the pot (or cauldron if you will) and rip the roof off at this year’s festival.

Drakezilla and Vega join forces to create Black Magic, the ugly stepchild of classic Hip Hop and psychedelic rock!

This duo of Drake (the steadying professor) and Vega, (local identity ‘JL’ aka Vega, honed his craft on the streets of Beechy as a young renegade) are world class in a live context and own the stage working their mesmerizing craft, whilst their tongues are planted firmly in their cheeks.

Supports have included Draphts, Funkoars and Xzibit, whilst dropping their latest release ‘Grimoire’ (the vinyl is jaw droppingly presented with frickin’ amazing artwork) late last year. Black Magic never cease to embrace the DIY way of thinking with all production, recording and mixing ‘in house’. Black Magic’s visual work is a sight to behold, high levels of production, uniqueness and essential viewing.

Black Magic crush the small town view with a kaleidoscope vision of the cosmos.

Drake & Vega – welcome back – BRING THE NOISE!