Thomy Sloane & Lucy Waldron play songs of melancholy and darker days. Thomy, of Batpiss fame, on guitar and Lucy on Cello perform live in a continuum of dark bleakness and heartbreak forged through brutal honesty and label shedding truth predicted in an immersive beautifully poignant performance.

Thomy Sloane’s life’s peregrination is a sublime lesson in tenacious times that produce great art!

A gifted beauteous duo steeped in craft, integrity and forte to enrapture the audience which will demand the attention without being forced to witness.

This will be a fortuitous opportunity for all BMF punters to relax and have that rare festival feel of Zen. Our favourite film clip at the moment at BMF Central is – Thomy Sloane & Lucy Waldron “Leave with Them” – a must see viewing!