Tumbleweed formed in October 1990 in Tarrawanna, a northern suburb of the NSW seaside city of Wollongong from two local groups, The Proton Energy Pills and Unheard. Original members included the three Curley brothers Dave, Jason and Lenny, Stewart Cunningham and Richard Lewis.

From within a post psychedelic underground haze that evoked the spirit of 1969, they came on with lashings of fuzz drenched wah wah guitar riffs, hard driving beats, languid vocal melodies and more hair than any band had the right to possess.

In 1992 with a new lineup Tumbleweed issued a second single and followed this up with supporting NIRVANA for the first gig on their Australian Tour. Their debut self-titled album was also released and the group undertook a tour of the US and Europe. In 1995 TW released ‘Galactaphonic’ described as an “Epic Masterwork”. A strident album full of fierce, booming metal-boogie and catchy hard edged rock ‘n’ roll. Third album ‘Return to Earth’ released in 1996 reached number 11 and again they toured nationally.

Tumbleweed reconvened in 1999 and released a new album ‘Mumbo Jumbo” in 2000 which was also nominated in the ARIA’s for Best Adult Alternative Album. The group disbanded in 2003 and in early July 2009, the early lineup reformed with triumphant returns at Homebake Festival and Big Day Out. A new album ‘Sounds from the Other Side’ was released in September 2013. At this stage they were becoming stalwarts of the Big Day Out festivals.

On August 26, 2014 Tumbleweed announced that original member Jason Curley suddenly passed away. Regrouping after a short hiatus Tumbleweed continued to play live and hit the tour road hard! More recently Tumbleweed supported 60’s psych punk heroes The Pretty Things.

“Tumbleweed remain the real deal – more than a facsimile – and accordingly TW feels much more than a mere jaunt down memory lane, it so easily could have been” Steve Bell (The Music)

Tumbleweed on stage are a sonically pristine riff-heavy, rhythm driving rock ‘n’ roll band that will blast BMF punters into a Galactaphonic state of euphoria! This is not nostalgia, this is music for now! The sound will pump, swell and energise as your head bangs and your body gets loose.

Ladies and Gentlemen, BMF 2019 bring you Tumbleweed, prepare for takeoff!!