Beechworth Music Festival is a Family Friendly event located in the beautiful rolling hills of the former Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum (now decommissioned – PHEW!) farm, right on the edge of Beechworth. Here at the Madman’s Gully Amphitheatre of the Beechworth Music Festival we want you and everyone else to have the time of their life. So let’s all embrace the ideals and rules of the BMF and;

  • be considerate to the neighbours who live nearby,
  • be safe and show respect to your fellow festival goers and those workers and volunteers who make this event possible,
  • look after the farm and the immediate environment and;
  • follow all the rules we have set in place.

We aim to give you – a chance to wind down – connect to the environment and the local community – a new sense of freedom – time and space – the company of good friends – and above all, unparalleled enjoyment of great music and a chance to be part of our local community here at Beechworth Music Festival Look after Yourself and Fellow Festival Goers!


Emergencies and First Aid

The Info Centre, First Aid and Emergency Assembly Area are all clearly identified and located. Please familiarise yourself with all these services and their location. Maps will be clearly displayed in prominent places and at the Info Centre (in case you lose your copy).

Bushfire and other emergencies – go online or download the apps of the SES or Vic Emergency websites.


Standards of Behaviour

BMF is Family Friendly and has a very strict policy of expecting good sociable and community values and behaviours. For anyone stepping outside this and displaying unsociable behaviours may result in evicting you from the event if an initial warning is not heeded.

Unsociable behaviour is defined as excessive drunkenness, illicit drug taking, driving too fast (walking pace only), urinating in public, aggressive behaviour, excessive noise in the campground, attempting to gain entry by forging tickets or leaping the boundary fences; or other unsociable or disrespectful behaviour as determined by the organisers and security staff.

This also includes strictly no stage diving, crowd surfing and excessive moshing. If you spot, or are affected by any of these behaviours let someone from security or at the Info Centre know.

Wear your wristband at all times during the festival. This is your ticket and will be checked by security or our hardworking volunteers. Only remove it once you leave to go home.

So have a great time and above all, enjoy the fantastic music our artists bring you.


Free Camping

Free basic (very basic) camping is available for all patrons to avoid a late night drive or an altercation with the law and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s BYO everything for camping but strictly;

  • NO fires or gas cooking appliances
  • NO BYO alcohol
  • NO glass containers of any kind
  • NO pets or any other animals of any kind
  • NO excessive noise in the camping areas

Strictly a total fire ban on the property and Summer fire restrictions apply.

Please leave all alcohol, glass bottles or containers of any kind, candles, gas cookers & BBQ’s and PETS at home. Beer and spirits in cans are provided by local community organisations at very reasonable prices so please support the efforts of the community and don’t try to BYO alcohol or other banned items in as this may result in security confiscating these items or possibly even evicting you from the event if warnings go unheeded.

The campsite area is just that – an area for pitching your tents and sleeping well after a great night’s entertainment so please respect your fellow campers and keep excessive noise such as loud talking, radios or cd players etc as low as possible. Be safe; there is plenty of room so drive slowly, park your vehicles to avoid having to reverse and pitch your tents/roll out your swags sensibly, away from car exhausts and not in the path of any possible vehicle movement. Do not reverse your car unless absolutely necessary.

If you take advantage of the free camping option then DO bring with you;

  • A comfy swag, tent, back of the ute, campervan or some other dry place to sleep in.
  • A warm sleeping bag/doona/blankets/bedroll as the nights can still get quite cool at this time of the year.
  • Clothes for the warm and the cold – the glorious Summer weather of the North East is generally stable and can be lovely and warm but also cool at night.
  • Sun protection (long sleeves/sunscreen/sunnies/hat) – it could be HOT!
  • Wet weather protection (warm coat, beanie/hat, waterproof clothing/poncho, sturdy footwear/gumboots) – just in case!
  • Food and water – you can stock up in town before heading up the hill to the festival first or if you prefer; there will be plenty of belly warming sustenance for sale on site at very reasonable prices and provided by the local community.

DO remember to bring a recognised photo ID with you in order to purchase alcohol at the bar.

There are no ATM’s on site but some vendors may have Eftpos. Make sure you cash up just in case!

Make sure you take everything away with you and leave the campsite clean. This is Summer and a period of high fire danger for the region. Smokers, please be vigilant about lit butts, make sure they are 100% extinguished and dispose of them properly! The CFA will be in attendance on the day.

Check under and around your vehicle before you leave and make sure you have a designated driver and/or monitor your alcohol intake—you may still be over the legal limit on Sunday morning.