The Woodland Hunters are a guitar band from Melbourne, Australia. Two members also play in flower punk outfit The Sand Pebbles. Their freewheeling sound owes a debt to 60’s psychedelia, 70’s jam bands and 80’s underground scenes. They can channel ragged epic guitar workouts and subtle country tinged confessionals, often in the same set.

The band will be showcasing songs from their brand new album The Thoughts of Chairman Jim, produced by Shane O’Mara at his legendary Yikesville Studios. Their previous album ‘Let’s Fall Apart’ was voted into ‘The Top 10 Australian Albums of 2017’ 3RRR Off The Record listeners poll and ‘Best Australian Albums 2017’ for Basement Discs end of year selections. Skull Cave’s Stephen Walker said of their 2015 EP “The cream of the crop of new releases… this album is just terrific, I’ve played it over and over